Top 7 Reasons to Take Action Against Illegal Wage Practices

Unscrupulous employers are constantly finding new ways to cheat employees like you out of the wages they are rightfully entitled to. Refusing to pay time-and-a-half for overtime, charging you for breaks you never took, failing to pay minimum wage, forcing you to work off the clock, threatening you with termination or potentially even calling immigration if you approach them about paycheck discrepancies.

These actions are illegal, and it is time you did something about it. Below are the top seven reason you should take action against your employer’s illegal wage practices:

1) The law is on your side

If you are not being properly paid for the hours you work for your employer, your employer is breaking the law. Period. No matter how they try to spin it or work around the law, you are entitled to exercise your rights to ensure you are always paid correctly—and your employer cannot retaliate against you or take any other negative action against you for doing so. You should take action against illegal wage practices because the law is on your side.

2) You work too hard for such unfair treatment

Any reasonable person can see the injustice in an individual breaking their back every day at a job, working long hours to provide for their loved ones, only to be cheated out of wages they are rightfully owed. You work hard, and your paycheck should reflect that hard work.

3) Your family

Not only do you owe it to yourself to ensure you are being properly paid, but you also owe it to your family. Don’t you want to provide them with the best opportunities possible? When your employer slights you on your paycheck, he or she is also slighting your loved ones. Perhaps you are not willing to take action for yourself, but will you take action for your spouse and your kids?

4) Your fellow employees

If your employer is cheating you out of wages, then he or she is almost certainly taking advantage of your fellow employees as well. You owe it to them to speak up and break the cycle, to prevent your employer from ever committing these crimes again.

5) Your future

Saving for retirement can be incredibly difficult. When times get tough and you have to tighten your belt, and you are forced to make the choice between funding your retirement or putting food on the table now, you of course will always choose feeding your family. But Americans are living longer than ever before, and it is more important than ever to save for our post-work lives. You deserve a comfortable retirement, and any wages stolen from you are hindering your ability to live out your golden years in financial security.

6) You can afford to

We at AndersonDodson can provide you with incredibly high quality legal representation for most wage claims on what is known as a “contingency” basis. This means you will not have to pay us anything unless we win your case, and when we win your case our payment will actually come from your employer. You can afford strong legal representation, so why not take action against an underhanded employer?

7) You deserve justice

Perhaps most importantly, illegal wage practices are simply not right. They are the embodiment of greed and injustice. Many things in this life are unfair, but your paycheck doesn’t have to be one of them. If your employer is cheating you out of your wages, you deserve justice. Contact the law firm of AndersonDodson today to set up a free confidential consultation to discuss your situation and your options.

Written by AndersonDodson


AndersonDodson, P.C. is a law firm dedicated to holding employers accountable for paying their employees correctly. We are aggressive and tenacious when we need to be, if that’s what it takes to get the job done. Sometimes the playground bully needs to be brought down a notch, and we are plenty equipped for a fight if it becomes necessary. But we also don’t go looking for a fight. Our mission is to get our clients paid what the law says they deserve, not to stir up trouble where none is needed. Trouble is distracting from life, and living life should always come first.