Don’t Let These 7 Things Stop You From Obtaining Wage Justice

Below are seven obstacles that too often prevent workers from speaking up and taking action to protect their wage rights. All of these barriers to wage justice are unnecessary, and we’ll explain how we can help you overcome them.

1) Unfamiliarity with the system

The lack of knowledge about the system and wage rights is one of the biggest reasons workers fail to take action when they have been wronged. Simply put, if you don’t understand your rights, how can you expect to protect them? Take the time to read through our past blogs, our video FAQs, and the rest of our website to learn about your rights and how to recognize when you’ve been wronged by illicit wage practices.

2) Language barriers

Unfortunately, those who are the least comfortable with the English language or who do not speak English at all are some of the most likely to have their wage rights trampled upon. AndersonDodson has a network of translators available for nearly any language and we can ensure you understand all of your options and any other information regarding your wage rights.

3) Fears about repercussions

Getting a job is not an easy prospect, and when your family’s livelihood is at stake you may be unwilling to take action against an employer for fear of getting fired. This is especially true for immigrants who have fears over deportation and other issues relating to their residency in the US. However, as we’ve discussed in a previous blog on Immigration and Wage Rights, everyone working in the US has the same wage protections no matter their immigration status. Additionally, employers are not allowed to retaliate against employees by contacting immigration or firing an employee for asserting their wage rights. Read our blog on Fear and Wage Rights Issues to learn more.

4) Not wanting to whine

Many people are unwilling to take action against wage rights issues because they do not want to complain or make waves. As we discussed in a previous blog on speaking up , you have a duty to take action against employers who practice illegal wage violations. If they are committing wrongs against you, they are committing wrongs against others, and must be stopped.

5) Money

Particularly in situations where your employer is underpaying your wages, you may feel that you cannot afford to hire a lawyer and take action to protect your wage rights. AndersonDodson offers a FREE confidential evaluation of your case to see if you have a winnable claim. Additionally, our attorney fees are contingent on winning the case and will usually come from your settlement, so you usually will not have to pay anything out of pocket. Watch our informative video FAQ on subject by clicking here.

6) Not having enough evidence

If you have not kept track of when you’ve worked or kept your pay stubs, you may worry that you don’t have enough evidence to win a claim against your employer. Fortunately, employers are required to keep these records and the attorneys at AndersonDodson will hold them to that.

7) Overwhelmed and feeling alone

You may be thinking, “How can an individual like me win a case against a big company with unlimited resources?” That overwhelmed feeling that you are alone and there is nothing you can do to protect your rights may be the single biggest obstacle to obtaining wage justice. However, that is exactly why AndersonDodson exists. We are on your side, and we are dedicated to helping you stand up to bullies and malicious employers who believe they can trample on your rights. You are not alone, and we can help.

If you have been the victim of illegal wage practices, give us a call and set up a free evaluation of your situation so you can get the wage justice you deserve.


Written by AndersonDodson


AndersonDodson, P.C. is a law firm dedicated to holding employers accountable for paying their employees correctly. We are aggressive and tenacious when we need to be, if that’s what it takes to get the job done. Sometimes the playground bully needs to be brought down a notch, and we are plenty equipped for a fight if it becomes necessary. But we also don’t go looking for a fight. Our mission is to get our clients paid what the law says they deserve, not to stir up trouble where none is needed. Trouble is distracting from life, and living life should always come first.