You Deserve A Break – Every Day!

We all know that taking a break is a good idea. Even employers should know this. Breaks are good for your health, for sure. Breaks also enhance your productivity on the job as well! 

Why use a lawyer for a wage claim instead of the Department of Labor (DOL)?

The law provides for people who have minimum wage, overtime, or unpaid wage claims to be able to seek recourse with the Department of Labor (DOL) or with a lawyer, though the courts. Why use one over the other?  It’s a good question. Both do important work, but here are some factors of each to consider:

How to Find an Awesome New Job in This Day & Age

If you find yourself looking for a job – especially in a time when there are few jobs to be had – and aren’t having much luck, here are a few tips. Do Your Research. Learn everything you can about the company you are applying for. Unless you want your resumé to be just one

Raises & Promotions: Myths and Facts

“I deserve a raise!”… “I was promised a promotion!” …. So why are you not getting one?

What’s the difference between a “commission” and a “bonus”?

The name means nothing. At the end of the day, what you or your boss call the form of compensation really doesn’t matter all that much

My Boss is A Bully

People can be bullies in all kinds of different ways. Some are like the classic playground bully – the big kid who picks on younger kids and beats them up for no apparent reason. Let’s call these the “burly bullies.” Some use words instead of physical force – the ones who verbally insult or humiliate

What Are “They” Going To Do About It?

When a company violates the law, often employees assume that at any moment a SWAT team is going to burst through the door with those loud footfalls and all saying “huh-huh-huh-huh-huh” as they scurry along in their black ninja like outfits. Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen that way. “They” – the government, the tax man, the

Sales Commissions Nightmares

Picture this: you’re in sales – or business development, or client relations, or strategic partnerships…. whatever you may call it, your job is to land clients, to close deals, to acquire customers – to get money in the door. And you’re good at it. You know you are. Go ahead – blow that warm air

Top 10 Ways Waiters and Waitresses Are Illegally Underpaid

Let’s face it, being a server is hard work. Although some servers earn well, the truth is that most waiters and waitresses are underpaid for the type of work they do. Unfortunately, some employers make it worse by using illegal pay policies. Sometimes it is because they don’t know any better … but sometimes it is intentional.

“Is It Illegal?” You’re Asking The Wrong Question

We get all kinds of queries and questions from employees about their workplace frustrations. Many times, people will describe a certain situation and ask “Is this legal?” Sometimes the issues do in fact describe illegal activity. Other times it’s just annoying, or morally wrong, but not necessarily illegal. But…. does it matter? Well…. yes and no.