How To Complain To Your Boss About Your Pay

Nobody ever says, “Hey boss, I think you’re paying me TOO MUCH money. Would you mind giving me a little less?”  No. Of course not.  You’re pretty much only ever going to say something about your pay in one of two situations:  You feel like the way you are being paid is somehow unfair or wrong You want to ask for more pay (like a raise) How you handle each situation is a little different.  How To Talk To Your Boss Read More

‘Comp’ Doesn’t Mean ‘Complementary’

Time off is usually seen as a good thing. We get to sleep in and then spend the day doing whatever we like or whatever needs catching up on thanks to all the overtime we’ve been putting in at work. But what if your overtime ‘pay’ consists of days off instead of the money you’ve worked hard for? Not so relaxing now, is it? What Is Comp Time? Compensatory time, or comp time for short, is when the boss Read More

Clocking In But Not Getting Paid Out?

It’s happened again. For the third week in a row, you worked 45 hours -at the boss’s request- but only been paid for 40. The first time it happened, you gave the company the benefit of the doubt. You just got this job after months of looking for an opening in your field, and didn’t want to rock the boat over five unpaid hours. The second time, you politely mentioned it to your supervisor, who looked irritated but Read More

Freelance Wage Theft: Understanding New York’s New Protections for the Self-Employed

You’re a freelancer, which means that you’re self-employed. Some of your clients, however, seem to think it also means you work for free. You worked hard on their projects. When you ran out of midnight oil to burn, you started immediately on the 1:00 a.m. batch. In each instance, they loved the final result and told you to send your invoice. You did, but a month later you’re still waiting, and all you’re getting Read More

What Happens to Me After I Sue for Wage Violations?

At your company, it’s always business as usual. Same products. Same services. Same practice of shorting workers on their overtime pay, forcing them to work through their breaks and after hours, and paying them for fewer hours than they actually worked. It’s wage theft, plain and simple. You don’t like being shortchanged, so you’re thinking about suing your employer to take back what it stole. But you have Read More

The Startup That Keeps You Down

Most people you know work 9-5 at corporate jobs that come with cushy benefits and a comfortable routine. You’re different. You like excitement. You like the idea of helping turn something promising into a breakaway success. That’s why you ditched the corporate tune in favor of working for a startup that may not just be a one-hit wonder.   You love the product, you believe in the startup’s mission statement, and Read More

It’d Be Such a Great Job—If Only They Remembered to Pay You What You’re Owed.

When you got this job, you couldn’t believe your luck. The hours were decent, there was opportunity for advancement, and your co-workers were (and are) great. But there’s a big problem that appears to be getting worse over time. It started when your boss started making some suspect requests. “We’d like you to go ahead and clock out now, but please stick around for a mandatory meeting,” he tells you. “It’ll just Read More

Do The Math: Even 8:30am-5:30pm M-F = Overtime

It may feel like a perfectly normal workday. You get in at 8:30, take a half hour for lunch, and clock out at 5:30 or 6:00. Could be worse, right? And if you’re a salaried employee, who’s counting how many hours you’re working anyway? The job’s got to get done, doesn’t it? Sure. But you deserve to be compensated properly for doing it. Let’s go back to the example above and do the math. 8:30 to 5:30 is 9 hours. Read More

Major System Failure: IT Professionals and Wage Theft

IT professionals:  those magicians who can turn somebody’s idea into a software product or speaks in 1’s-and-0’s-ese enough to be able to fix computer problems that tech laypeople find any number of ways to mess up. Whether titled a Chief Technology Officer (CTO), programmer/ coder,  IT technician, help desk support, computer science major intern, or something else, a lot of these folks we have represented have Read More

Unprofessional Treatment in a Professional Environment

You work in a tall office building, with an elevator.  You wear nice clothes to work. You have business cards, and a formal title.  You work hard, and are good at what you do.  You work long hours, if anyone were keeping track.  But when it comes right down to it, you suspect you’re not getting paid what you should be.  But you’re salaried, and don’t punch a clock - you’re not owed anything extra for overtime…. or Read More