It’s Not About The Money

“It’s not about the money.” This is a phrase we hear all the time from people who have made the decision to stand up for their rights and contact us – but at the same time, fear that they may seem greedy for doing so.  

It is and it isn’t about the money.  The money is a symptom.  Unfair treatment is often the root cause.  We can’t make your boss become a nice, fair person overnight.  But we can help you navigate the process to stand up for your rights — and recover the money that is rightfully yours.

Illegal wage practices are a serious and pervasive problem, but far too few workers are willing to stand up for their rights and fight back against things like underpaid wages, nonpayment of overtime, misclassifying employees as “salaried” or “independent contractor,” and other illegal ways employers seek to save themselves money at the expense of their employees.

Good, hard-working people should not feel guilty for wanting to be paid fairly. The fact is, ensuring that you receive the pay and benefits that you are legally entitled to is not about the money. Ironically, it seems like those who are paid the least or have faced the most unscrupulous employer behavior are the ones who have the strongest feelings of guilt about standing up for themselves.

Certainly, money is an important aspect of our lives, and fighting back against unfair wage practices can help you get resources that you need to live the life you and your family want and deserve to live, but the financial aspects of such illicit employer activity is simply a symptom of a bigger issue.

The law has very clear definitions of the rights that employees are entitled to. What does it say about your employer that they are willing to break the law in order to underpay you and save themselves a quick buck? At the very least, assuming the illegal practices are a product of ignorance, what does it say that they are not willing to do the research to ensure they are fairly compensating their employees at all times?

An employer that commits illegal wage practices against you does not value his or her employees, and you should never feel guilty about holding them accountable. You are not being a “complainer” for doing so.  If you do not stand up for your rights, things will never change. Your employer will continue to take advantage of not only you, but other employees who might feel too guilty or greedy to get the pay and benefits they are entitled to.

You have a responsibility to yourself and underpaid, undervalued workers everywhere to take action and ensure you are being paid fairly. Your work deserves to be valued, and you deserve to be appropriately compensated.

If you have been the victim of illegal wage practices, or you have suspicions that your employer is not paying his or her employees fairly for the work they do, please contact AndersonDodson and let us fight to hold unscrupulous employers accountable for their illicit activity.

Written by AndersonDodson


AndersonDodson, P.C. is a law firm dedicated to holding employers accountable for paying their employees correctly. We are aggressive and tenacious when we need to be, if that’s what it takes to get the job done. Sometimes the playground bully needs to be brought down a notch, and we are plenty equipped for a fight if it becomes necessary. But we also don’t go looking for a fight. Our mission is to get our clients paid what the law says they deserve, not to stir up trouble where none is needed. Trouble is distracting from life, and living life should always come first.