Commissioned Workers Have Wage Rights Too!

Many people erroneously believe that if a person chooses to work in a profession where they are paid either fully or in part on commission, then they automatically forego their rights to federally mandated protections like minimum wage and overtime pay. This is a fallacy that needs to be corrected! There are multiple overlapping and

Exempt Employee Status Explained

You may have heard in the news recently about political efforts that would change how exempt status works for employees by raising the salary threshold up from $455 a week to somewhere over $900 a week. What does that mean in real terms? The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), which is the federal wage and

“I’m Not Being Paid Properly, But I’m Not a Complainer”

You work overtime every day, but your employer says he doesn’t have to pay you extra because you’re salaried. Or you worked all night, but your employer gives you an afternoon off in the following week to make up for it instead of paying you overtime. Or maybe you’re on call whenever you’re not in

What to Know If Your Boss Tries to Pay You “Under the Table”

If your boss is paying you under the table, he or she is probably presenting it as something done for your benefit. After all, if taxes aren’t being deducted from your paycheck, that makes your paycheck fatter. Unfortunately, there are all kinds of drawbacks for you too, and the real reason your boss isn’t paying

What to Do If Your Boss Won’t Give You Your Final Paycheck

Unfortunately, some employers think they can hold your last paycheck hostage or not pay it at all. But they have no legal right to do that! In New York, you have to be paid by your next regular payday. If your employer fails to provide you with your last paycheck on time, this is a

Employee Wage Protection: When Employer Promises Don’t Come True

If you’ve been working for an employer that hasn’t paid you, but keeps promising that they will soon, you’re in a vulnerable and stressful situation. Many employees try to stick it out, assuming they’ll get paid eventually.  Unfortunately, the likelihood that an employer who hasn’t paid you for a good while will pay you in

Independent Contractor? 4 Ways Being Classified As One Hurts You.

True self-employment can be wonderful and have many benefits.  However, too often, companies will try to call members of its workforce “independent contractors” in an effort to save on payroll taxes and other expenses when they shouldn’t.  Sometimes workers see the bigger paycheck (because taxes are not being withheld) and the opportunity to deduct “business

Top 10 Ways Waiters & Waitresses Are Illegally Underpaid

Even in the best of cases, most waiters and waitresses are underpaid for the type of work they do.  Unfortunately, some employers compound the problem by using illegal pay policies.  Sometimes it is intentional and others it is either accidental or out of ignorance, but whatever the case, it is important that you fight for

Workplace Rights That Security Guards May Not Even Know They Have

Are you a security guard, or do you have a family member or friend who works as a security guard? Pay attention! In this blog entry, we highlight eight workplace rights that you (or they) may not even know about. These can make a big difference in your paychecks! You’re entitled to Overtime If you

Top 8 Ways Plumbers Get Screwed At Work

If you work as a plumber, listen up. You have rights you might not even be aware of.  If any of the pay methods listed below sound familiar, there may be something getting screwed other than your pipe fittings. Not Getting Paid for Travel Time There is no requirement for a commute to work to