Immigration and Wage Rights

In our last blog, we discussed how fear often plays a large role in why employees neglect to report employer wage violations. Workers are scared that, by speaking up, they will be exposing themselves to negative retaliation at work or even being fired. Fortunately, there are laws in place that prohibit employers from taking retaliatory actions

Speak Up: Fear and Wage Rights Issues

There are all kinds of possible wage rights violations, but there are almost as many excuses employees make for not taking action when an employer violates those wage rights. Some people are non-confrontational and want to avoid a fight. Others don’t want to seem greedy for pursuing more money. However, by far the most common

You Deserve A Break: Common Employer Lunch Break Rights Violations, Part II

In our last blog, we explained some of your rights with regard to lunch and rest breaks, both at the federal level and in New York, and we also detailed two common violations of your wage rights with regard to breaks that are often practiced by employers in order to save a buck or two

You Deserve A Break: Common Employer Lunch Break Rights Violations, Part I

Here’s the good news: generally speaking, the law recognizes that it’s important for everybody to take breaks—it’s good for our health, and good for our ability to be productive at work! Lunch breaks and rest breaks are a vital aspect of employee morale and effectiveness. That being said, what may make good common sense and

5 Common Illegal Wage Practices

Far too many employers will do whatever they can to try to save a buck or two, and far too often those savings come at the expense of the wages you, as the employee, deserve. Make no mistake, underpayment or nonpayment of wages you have earned is a violation of the law, and you have

It’s Not About The Money

“It’s not about the money”. This is a phrase we hear all the time from people who have made the decision to stand up for their rights and contact us – but at the same time, fear that they may seem greedy for doing so.   It is and it isn’t about the money.  The

“I just lost my job! What do I do?”

Fired. Let go. Terminated. Downsized. Given the boot. Involuntarily separated. Furloughed. Shown the door. Whatever the company you worked for may have chosen to call it, you suddenly and unexpectedly find yourself without a job. Below are some pragmatic, brass-tacks tips for how to get through this tough time and get back on your feet.

Commissioned Workers Have Wage Rights Too!

Many people erroneously believe that if a person chooses to work in a profession where they are paid either fully or in part on commission, then they automatically forego their rights to federally mandated protections like minimum wage and overtime pay. This is a fallacy that needs to be corrected! There are multiple overlapping and

Exempt Employee Status Explained

You may have heard in the news recently about political efforts that would change how exempt status works for employees by raising the salary threshold up from $455 a week to somewhere over $900 a week. What does that mean in real terms? The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), which is the federal wage and

“I’m Not Being Paid Properly, But I’m Not a Complainer”

You work overtime every day, but your employer says he doesn’t have to pay you extra because you’re salaried. Or you worked all night, but your employer gives you an afternoon off in the following week to make up for it instead of paying you overtime. Or maybe you’re on call whenever you’re not in