Wrongful Termination: What It Isn’t

In most states, “Wrongful Termination” is about as illegal as “Wrongful Romantic Breakup” – meaning: it isn’t. When you’ve been dating someone or fallen head over heels, you may not want that other person to break up with you….  but it doesn’t mean that it’s illegal for them to break up with you. Many employees

5 Common Illegal Wage Practices and What to do About Them

Far too many employers will do whatever they can to try to save a buck or two.  Even more just don’t take the time to know how to follow the wage laws. Unfortunately, these practices often come at the expense of the wages you, as the employee, earned, and should have been paid.  The laws

8 Workplace Rights That Security Guards Should Know They Have

Do you work as a security guard, or do you have a family member or friend who does? Many people working in this field don’t know some of the rights that they have in the workplace, and some of their employers don’t know either. In this article, we highlight eight of these workplace rights that you (or they) may not even know

Compensation Purgatory: “We’ll Pay You Your Wages When We Get Paid.”

Has your boss ever told you, “As soon as we get paid, you’ll get paid. The money’s coming – I promise! – just give me some time so I can make it right.”  In our experience, despite that “promise,” those wages either never come at all, only a small portion of them are paid, and/or

How To Complain To Your Boss About Your Pay

Nobody ever says, “Hey boss, I think you’re paying me TOO MUCH money. Would you mind giving me a little less?”  No. Of course not.  You’re pretty much only ever going to say something about your pay in one of two situations:  You feel like the way you are being paid is somehow unfair or

‘Comp’ Doesn’t Mean ‘Complementary’

Time off is usually seen as a good thing. We get to sleep in and then spend the day doing whatever we like or whatever needs catching up on thanks to all the overtime we’ve been putting in at work. But what if your overtime ‘pay’ consists of days off instead of the money you’ve

Clocking In But Not Getting Paid Out?

It’s happened again. For the third week in a row, you worked 45 hours -at the boss’s request- but only been paid for 40. The first time it happened, you gave the company the benefit of the doubt. You just got this job after months of looking for an opening in your field, and didn’t

Freelance Wage Theft: Understanding New York’s New Protections for the Self-Employed

You’re a freelancer, which means that you’re self-employed. Some of your clients, however, seem to think it also means you work for free. You worked hard on their projects. When you ran out of midnight oil to burn, you started immediately on the 1:00 a.m. batch. In each instance, they loved the final result and

What Happens to Me After I Sue for Wage Violations?

At your company, it’s always business as usual. Same products. Same services. Same practice of shorting workers on their overtime pay, forcing them to work through their breaks and after hours, and paying them for fewer hours than they actually worked. It’s wage theft, plain and simple. You don’t like being shortchanged, so you’re thinking

The Startup That Keeps You Down

Most people you know work 9-5 at corporate jobs that come with cushy benefits and a comfortable routine. You’re different. You like excitement. You like the idea of helping turn something promising into a breakaway success. That’s why you ditched the corporate tune in favor of working for a startup that may not just be