Are you a salesperson?

You have rights. We know how to enforce them.

It’s sort of our tag line, but it’s true. If you have been underpaid, there are some great legal remedies available. And we know how to get them for you.

Here is just a sampling of the kinds of issues we deal with on a regular basis related to salesmen and saleswomen just like you:

  • Not being paid your full commission
  • Being misclassified as “salaried” as an inside salesperson and not being paid overtime you are entitled to
  • Termination right before a large earned commission is paid
  • Closed sales not tracked properly, resulting in underpayment

The list goes on. As someone who works for commission, you are especially vulnerable to paycheck abuse. Your employer can save a great deal of money – at your expense, and at the expense of your fellow salespeople – by underpaying their sales staff.

Sometimes the employer does it on purpose, sometimes it’s a mistake – but either way, the result is that you’re not being paid the money that you’ve earned. And it’s you and your family that suffer the consequences.

At AndersonDodson, we’re passionate about defending your rights and the rights of hard-working salespeople like you. If you suspect that you might not be paid fairly, let us review your case. We offer a confidential free consultation to review your case. This means that not only will it cost you nothing, but there is no risk of your employer finding out. (Not to mention it’s illegal for an employer to punish you for ensuring that you are paid fairly.)

You work too hard to take home less pay than you’ve earned.


If you’re not, that’s what we’re here for.

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