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Do you work in a restaurant or other service/hospitality industry?

You have rights. We know how to enforce them.

It’s sort of our tag line, but it’s true. If you have been underpaid, there are some great legal remedies available. And we know how to get them for you.

Here is just a sampling of the kinds of issues we deal with on a regular basis related to hospitality industry workers just like you:

  • You have to share your tips with managers or owners
  • You are paid in tips only, with no hourly wage at all
  • Your supervisor goes in to the time clocks and alters the time entries
  • You have to do prep work before your shift or stay late cleaning up, but you aren’t paid for this time
  • When you work overtime, you are paid at time and a half your subminimum wage base hourly rate
  • You weren’t provided a New York state required Tip Notice if you’re a tipped employee
  • You have a deduction to your pay for food the restaurant supposedly provides to you, but not only do they not provide it but they don’t even give you time to get a real meal break during your shift
  • When you pull a double shift that makes your day longer than 10 hours from start to finish, you aren’t paid the state required extra “spread of hours” pay

The list goes on and on. There is no shortage of all the different ways employers short their workers.

Educating Yourself Like This Is the First Step.

The fact that you are reading this and educating yourself about your rights is more than a lot of people do – so for that, great job! Now that you’ve done that, be sure to remember the other folks working with you who may not know about these things or if they do, may not want to stand up and do something about it. If you speak up, you may be able to help not just yourself, but your co-workers who for one reason or another are too fearful to stand up for their own rights.

Now Take The Next Step.

Whether you are a server, host/hostess, waiter/waitress, bartender, bar back, expediter, busser, chef, line cook, prep cook, dishwasher, janitor, bouncer, cashier, delivery person, or something else; whether you are in the “front of the house” or the “back of the house”; whether you are tipped or not; whether you are paid “on the books” or “off the books”….


If you’re not, that’s what we’re here for.

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