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Do you work in construction? Think your pay has been shorted?

You certainly wouldn’t be the first.

You have rights. We know how to enforce them.

It’s sort of our tag line, but it’s true. If you have been underpaid, there are some great legal remedies available. And we know how to get them for you.

Here is just a sampling of the kinds of issues we deal with on a regular basis related to construction workers just like you:

  • The company only pays you for up to 40 hours of work… even though you’ve worked more than that
  • The supervisor logs your hours on a handwritten form, but he always rounds them down, or to what your shift time was supposed to be, rather than the time you actually worked
  • Upper management “promotes” you to “foreman” and starts paying you a salary. However, all that really means is that they work you tons of hours, but don’t pay you overtime anymore, even though you are still basically doing the same job you were doing before but with a few other responsibilities on top of that
  • The company you work for misclassifies you as an “independent contractor” rather than an “employee” to try to save itself some money… at your expense
  • Your time is always logged as you getting a half hour or an hour for lunch, but in truth more often than not they make you work straight through the break, with maybe five minutes to grab a sandwich
  • You’re working on a prevailing wage contract, but your employer isn’t paying you the prevailing wage rate it’s supposed to
  • You have to travel from site to site throughout your workday, but the company doesn’t pay for your commute time between the sites
  • You have to do prep work before your shift start time, or paperwork and cleanup after your shift end time, but the company doesn’t pay you for any of that time
  • You do get paid for overtime, but it’s at your regular hourly rate, not time and a half
  • You get deductions from your pay as a penalty for being late, for tool damage, or for a safety rule infraction

Any of this sound familiar? Got a story of your own to add to this list? If so, we would love to hear about it and see how we can get you the backpay you deserve – and then some.

Stand Up For Yourself; Be a Hero For Others

Oh, and by the way? Just so you know – there are a lot of other folks working with you who may not want to stand up and do something about it.  If you speak up, you may be able to help not just yourself, but your co-workers who for one reason or another are too fearful to stand up for their own rights.

Whether you are a drywaller, carpenter, painter, sheet metal worker, roofer, plumber, electrician, mason, glazier, insulator, iron worker, tile worker, demolitionist, paver, concrete installer, or some other kind of tradesman; whether you are in a union or not; whether you’re “on the books” or “off the books,” paid in cash or a paycheck; a long-time tradesman or a newbie just getting started in the industry –


If you’re not, that’s what we’re here for.

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