Agreement Reviews

Have you (or anyone you know) ever been given an employment agreement to sign that you wished someone could explain to you in plain language? Whether it’s a severance contract, an initial employment agreement, a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), a non-competition/non-solicitation agreement, or something else, employees often do not fully understand the significance of certain clauses the employer has inserted into the agreement. In fact, these clauses could have a big impact on their lives.

The lawyers at AndersonDodson, P.C. have developed an extremely affordable process that allows us to provide top-notch legal analysis of employment contracts at a fraction of normal attorney hourly rates. An attorney quickly and efficiently reviews your agreement for potential problems; provides a client-only link to plain-talk FAQs; provides individualized advice as to not only what the contract “really means,” but also what makes sense to try to fight and what to leave alone; and, ultimately, offers opportunities to add value to the situation and give you peace of mind.

If you would like to take advantage of this great service, contact us today for more information!